Stephan Schneider (Belgium)

Stephan Schneider established his label in 1994. Since then, he has become renowned for clean, timeless garments bolstered by intelligently designed detailing and superlative fabrics. For each collection, Schneider spends half his time working with the fabric and the other half with the silhouette. The fabrics are custom made in-house in Belgium. This understanding of the interplay between the textile and the cut is what sets Stephan Schneider apart.

Stephan Schneider’s fall-winter 2016-17 collection, titled “Fragments Of A Home”, is inspired by the designer’s childhood home. Specifically, after having rediscovered some long forgotten oil paintings, Stephan painted over the canvases to give them a dark, moody, and mysterious feel. The clothing and (as always with Stephan Schneider) the fabrics take this theme and showcase layered effects, rich colors, and patterns that are at once intricate yet subtle.

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