Forme D'Expression / Forme 3’3204322896 (Italy)

Forme D’Expression (also known as Forme 3’3204322896) was founded by designer Koeun Park in 2005 and is based in Perugia, Italy. As a label, Forme D’Expression speaks softly, but possesses strength and elegance in equal measure. This sense of balance makes her work timeless and suitable for any occasion, allowing the wearer to explore and express one’s own individuality. For the construction of the garments themselves, Park’s philosophy is to make sure no corners are cut throughout the entire process. She achieves this by developing the raw materials alongside the weavers, doing the majority of the pattern-making herself, and continuously experimenting with new garment treatments in-house. In Perugia, she lives within a ten minute drive of all the people involved in the realization of her vision.

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