Boutique Suspension Point is an independent menswear online store based in Montreal, QC. We provide a carefully curated selection of garments and accessories from some of the best established and up-and-coming designers from around the world. The aesthetic championed by Suspension Point is modern and progressive with a focus on cut, detailing, and exclusivity that makes for thoughtfully designed pieces that are unique whilst remaining easy to wear. This is presented in a purposely clean, straightforward manner that allows for the clothes to remain in the spotlight and is backed up by knowledgeable and personal customer service.

Available at Suspension Point:

- Bless (Germany/France)
- Christian L'Enfant Roi (Canada)
- Christophe Lemaire (France)
- Eastpak x Nicomede Talavera (United Kingdom)
- Guidi (Italy)
- Gustavolins (France)
- Jan-Jan Van Essche (Belgium)
- Matthew Miller (United Kingdom)
- Nicomede Talavera (United Kingdom)
- Peir Wu (United Kingdom)
- Petar Petrov (Austria)
- Siki Im (United States)
- Stephan Schneider (Belgium)
- Ute Ploier (Austria)
- Walter Van Beirendonck (Belgium)